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Burundi Rugori Natural


Gahahe is located in the Kayanza province. At 1800 meters of altitude, they are equipped with 10 fermentation tanks and 180 drying beds.
In African beds, the air circulates optimally for the drying of the cherries, reaching percentages of 12% humidity in 3-4 weeks.
This is a coffee with citric notes, ideal for both espresso and filter!

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Country of origin of this coffeeBurundi
Producer of this coffeeRugori
Growing RegionNgozi
Coffee varietyRed Bourbon
Coffee Tasting NotesNotas: Cherry, hazelnut, chocolate and orange
Espresso coffee
Filter coffee
French Press
Weight0.250 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 10 cm

1Kg, 250g


Coffee beans, Ground coffee for espresso, Ground coffee for filter, Ground coffee for french press, Ground coffee for Moka Pot

Recommended for:V60
Enjoy with V60 HarioEnjoy Burundi Rugori Natural with V60 Hario
Recommended coffee for French Press
Enjoy with your Aeropress
Recommended coffe for Expresso
Exquisite for Cold Brew

The growing region:

4,040 smallholders located around the city of Busiga are in charge of supplying the coffee to the Rugori washing station. As in all of Burundi, the Bourbon Rojo variety is also very typical in this area, and this Burundi coffee is no exception. In this area of ​​Burundi, located at about 1,680 meters above sea level, the average farm size is about 300 trees, which are not many compared to other coffee regions on the planet.

The washing station:

The Rugori washing station is one of 13 stations managed by Greenco in Burundi. Greenco is a guarantee of quality, and several of our best coffees have been through their wash stations. At Tita Coffee we don’t like to work with companies like this one since we not only know that they take maximum care of the product, but they also take care of the farmers. The human factor is key in this process. And we love Burundi coffee! In Burundi, wet mills usually reach farmers within a radius of 3 kilometers. If the washing station is located too far away, farmers will sell to intermediaries, often at a disadvantage. To avoid this, Rugori and other Greenco CWS have 12 collection centers. These centers allow them to reach farmers up to nine kilometers from the wet mill without compromising quality. Rugori CWS is involved in a number of farmer outreach and support projects including a goat and pig project, Farmer Hub, strengthening cooperatives, and the distribution of fertilizers and coffee trees. Discover ways to prepare this delicious Burundian coffee.

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