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How to make coffee

How to make coffee

Coffee is one of the most consumed products in the world. This is because, apart from being delicious, there are an infinity of different recipes that adapt to the tastes of many people.

In this article we are going to tell you some of the recipes that we like the most so that, if you don’t already, you can enjoy coffee as much as we do. We are going to review the different extraction methods that we use the most. Let’s go!

1- How to make coffee with a Moka Pot

The moka pot is one of the most used extraction methods in our homes. Because of its simplicity and how easy it is to prepare a good coffee.

Let’s start by knocking down a myth. The moka pot must be clean !! Once we have this clear, we can start preparing a coffee

Let’s start by choosing a good coffee. The good thing is that this coffee maker accepts any type of coffee and roast and its result is almost always very good.

At Tita Coffee, with the moka pot, a sweeter and more fruity coffee that leaves us with an intense and well-balanced cup.

We could choose a Gahahe Honey or a Rigoberto Vazques Lavado. Once we are clear about the coffee we want, we grind it to a medium-coarse size (salt size) and fill the coffee pot. We recommend filling the saucepan to the top and not pressing the coffee. In this way we will avoid over-extracting the coffee and, therefore, the bitter and unpleasant notes in the cup.

Next act, and unlike other extraction methods, we heat the water to boiling in a container. We will avoid heating the coffee maker so that the coffee does not turn sour. When the water is hot, we will pour it into the lower part of the Italian coffee maker and place the ladle full of coffee on top.

Quickly, and taking the lower part of the coffee maker with a cloth (it burns a lot) we will screw the upper part of the moka pot and place it on top of a heat source.

It is advisable to leave the lid of the coffee maker open until the first coffee begins to appear. In this way we will prevent the upper cavity from overheating.

We will allow, with the lid closed, the coffee to rise to the top of the moka pot until we begin to hear a gurgling sound. It will be when we hear this noise that we will remove the moka pot from the heat and wet the bottom of the coffee pot with cold water. In this way, we instantly cut off the extraction and prevent bitter notes from appearing in our cup.

2- How to make coffee with Aeropress

This coffee maker is one of our favorites, as it provides enormous flexibility when preparing coffee. We usually use the inverted method that we will now explain to you.

The first thing we must do, as always, is choose the coffee that we are going to prepare. For this case, at Tita Coffee we prefer very fruity coffees with an acid touch. We recommend our Natural Rugori or Organic Washed Ethiopia.

Once the coffee is clear, we proceed to grind it. The Aeropress allows an infinity of variables in terms of grinding, we recommend a medium-coarse grinding. A little bigger than the one we have chosen for the Italian coffee maker (touch of sugar).

Next act, we assemble the aeropress using the inverted method, as seen in the photo. We put the coffee, turn on the timer and pour water previously heated to 93ºC. With the mixer, we will stir the coffee-water mixture well so that all the coffee is homogeneously moistened.

Once the coffee is stirred, we mount the filter paper on the filter holder and rinse it with the same water that we have heated. In this way we saturate the filter in water and prevent it from absorbing the oils and components of our coffee. Next act we cover the aeropress with the filter holder.

After 1’20 ”, we turn the aropress over a jug or large cup and press gently and constantly. We will measure the force so that this process lasts 30 ’’, and we will stop just at the moment we hear air passing through the filter.

PS: If you want to have a somewhat less cloudy cup, you can put 2 filters instead of one. That will help!

Now, it only remains to enjoy a great coffee!

3- How to make filter coffee with V60

The pour over method par excellence for us. At Tita Coffee is how we most drink coffees, with our V60.

This coffee maker is composed of a filter holder cone, a filter and a jug where the coffee will fall.

As always, the first thing to do is choose a great coffee. This extraction method, if we prepare it well, is capable of bringing out the most delicate notes of the best coffee, so we recommend any option from our variety of filter coffees. An Ethiopia or a Burundi will be excellent!

For filter coffee, we use 1:60 tannin. This means that we can 60 grams of coffee for every liter of water used. This ratio will be scalable to the amount of coffee we want to prepare.

In our case, we usually use 250 grams of water to prepare a couple of cups of coffee, so we will use 15 grams of coffee ground to a medium-coarse size (sugar size).

Then we assemble the set as it appears in the photo below.

Once we have the coffee maker mounted and we have ground the coffee, we proceed to heat the water. As a general rule, we heat it to 93ºC, and once it is hot, the first thing we will do is soak the filter well with hot water. When all the water has passed through the filter, we discard it.

We reassemble the coffee maker on a scale and place the 15 grams of coffee. Next, we tare the scale, start the timer and start pouring the water in a constant manner and rotating clockwise to start with the pre-infusion.

The pre-infusion:

We will pour 50 grams of water so that all the coffee is soaked well and we will wait until the 30 second.

The infussion:

From the second 30 we will pour water during the next 20 seconds until we reach 200 grams of water. We will let the water level in the cone drop a little and we will add water again until we reach 250 grams of water.

We will let the water filter through the coffee and extract all its oils and soluble solids. When all the water has passed through the coffee, we are ready!

As a note, and to know if we have ground our coffee well, the entire process should be between 2min 30sec and 3 min. If it has taken more than 3 minutes, we will have some bitter note, we can grind a little coarser. If, on the contrary, it takes less than 2min 30sec, we can have a very acidic or even sour coffee, we must grind a little finer.

These time values ​​are indicative. The final grinding adjustment should always be done by tasting the coffee.

Patience! And remember, a good grinder is crucial to making good coffee. If you don’t have it, nothing happens, you can ask us for ground coffee in our store!

4- How to make espresso and milk-coffee beverages

The world of espresso differs greatly from other extraction methods. While the above processes last around 2-3 minutes, an espresso extraction takes about 25-30 seconds. This is why, due to the extraction speed, that the slightest variation in the extraction conditions will greatly vary the final result.

Here is a small guide.


Espresso is an extraction carried out at high pressure (9 bars). The standard extraction ratio of an espresso is 1 to 2 (1: 2). This means that we are going to obtain 2 grams of drink for every gram of dry coffee used. Within the espresso category, we find the simple espresso or the double espresso. The difference is the amount of coffee we use in each case. In the simple espresso we use 9 grams of coffee to obtain 18 grams of beverage, while in the double espresso we use 18 grams of coffee to obtain 36 grams of beverage. These values ​​may vary by barista.

As we have said before, an espresso is prepared in 25-30 seconds from when the power button is pressed until all the drink has fallen into the cup. Grind settings are very common when making espresso, as a second of difference will give your coffee a different flavor.

As a general rule, when a coffee is too acidic, it means that your extraction time is too short and therefore your grind is too coarse. You must grind finer.

On the contrary, if your coffee is bitter, surely your extraction time will have been long and, therefore, you should grind finer.

To experiment with espresso, we recommend that you look at our post “playing with espresso” and that you adjust the recipe you like for each coffee yourself.


Ristretto is prepared in the same way as espresso but varying the ratio. The ratio of a ristretto is 1: 1, so we will extract 1 gr of drink for every gram of coffee used. This does not mean that we should make a short espresso in 15 seconds. The extraction time must be maintained, so we must adapt the grinding (grind finer) than when preparing espressos. The result obtained will be a super-concentrate of coffee.


Lungo is a coffee drink with a 1: 3 ratio. We extract 3 grams of drink for every gram of coffee. We will obtain a drink with a little less body and less intense.


The same volume of emulsified milk is added to an espresso.


It is prepared, in a 175ml cup, a dose of espresso and two equal parts of milk and foam.

Cafe Latte or latte:

It is a cappuccino but without the foam. This drink, having more liquid milk, is less intense in coffee.

Flat White:

It is prepared in the same way as a cafe latte, but instead of using a single dose of espresso, a double espresso is prepared. The intensity in coffee in the flat white is more intense than in a cafe latte.

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