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Moka Guide

Guide to enjoying coffee with a Moka coffee maker

Who has not ever used a Moka coffee maker, or better known as an Italian coffee maker?

It is a well-known extraction method, but due to various confusions, the error of over-extracting the coffee is usually made, producing a result much more bitter than desired in the cup. With the Moka we are looking for an intense coffee, but not bitter.

Let’s see how we can prepare a good coffee with our Moka coffee maker.

Guía Moka café


Moka Pot cleaning

The coffee maker must be clean. The myth that the coffee maker should not be cleaned is still present today, but the truth is that coffee releases many oils that, if not removed correctly, end up having a negative influence on the cup. Is it true that you did not cook fish or meat with used oil?


Pre-heat water

Fill the bottom of the coffee pot with preheated water. When introducing hot water in the lower part of the coffee maker, what we want is to have the coffee maker on the fire for as little time as possible. In this way, the metal of our Moka will not get so hot and we will not overheat our coffee.


Put coffee

Fill the bowl with your Tita Coffee ground to a medium-coarse size. It is not necessary to compress the coffee, it is enough to level it so that it is at the same level as the bowl. The finer the coffee is ground, the stronger our coffee will come out. We must not grind very fine since we could over-extract the coffee and obtain very bitter notes in the cup.


To the fire!

We put the coffee pot on the fire. The coffee should start to flow quickly. When we begin to notice that our coffee is bubbling, we must remove it from the heat and cool the lower part of the coffee maker under running water. In this way we will prevent steam from passing through our coffee.



Now we can enjoy an excellent coffee prepared with our Moka coffee maker!

Recommended coffee for Moka Pot

Selection of coffees for your Moka Pot

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