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V60 guide

Guide to enjoy coffee with the V60 system

V60 is a simple, cone-shaped extraction system, designed to facilitate the extraction of coffee in a clean way, and without impurities.

It’s perfect for a cup of coffee, or even sharing.




Place the Filter by molding it to the cone of your V60. It is important to rinse the filter with hot water to remove cellulose impurities from the filter and warm your container.


Empty and Ratio

Empty the jug of water once the filter has been rinsed, and weigh the ratio of 60 g per liter of coffee.

That is, for 250 g of water, use 15 g of ground coffee. The degree of grinding should be medium, similar to that of granulated sugar.


Add coffee

Add the coffee grounds to the V60 and place the container on top of a scale.


Time for preparation

Start the stopwatch and pour 80 gr of water at 93ºC wetting all the coffee. Wait 40-45 and add 120gr more of water.


Add water

After 20seconds, add the last 50gr of water. The total time must be 2min 30sec. - ENJOY!

If the time is shorter, the coffee is too coarsely ground. On the contrary, if the extraction is longer, it is because it is ground too fine.
Try grinding finer if your coffee is very acidic. If you find it excessively bitter, look for a slightly coarser grind.

You can now enjoy an excellent cup!

Recommended coffee for V60

Select our coffees for your V60 coffee maker

Monthly subscription

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