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What is coffee?

Every morning, we wake up, shower, get dressed, and have a good cup of coffee. Without really knowing why, we have put this drink among our most intimate habits of the day to day. But what is coffee really? What does origin coffee mean?

The coffee we know:

The coffee that we know is derived from roasting the seeds of the fruits of the coffee bush. This shrub is the Coffea, which is a shrub native to East Africa (Ethiopia and Yemen). This plant, with large green leaves, white flowers and red cherries, is now cultivated all over the world (Asia, Africa and Central and South America). This is where we introduce the concept of coffee of origin, since each origin will give us characteristics to our cup.

There are two main species of Coffea, the Arabica and the Canephora (Robusta).

The Coffea Arabica:

The Coffea Arabica is the most produced species despite being the most delicate of the two. The Arabica species is much more vulnerable to climatic changes, to the attack of insects and gives a clearly lower yield than the Robusta species in terms of kilograms of cherries per square meter cultivated.

The reason why it is the most produced species despite the complications is that the coffee extracted from this species is sweeter and contains floral and fruity notes. It is also with the species that we work our original coffees, since their results in the cup are exceptional.

The Coffea Canephora:

The Coffea Canephora, or Robusta, for its part is a much more resistant species. The reason why this species is more resistant is because it contains more chlorogenic acid and caffeine than the Arabica species.

These two components protect the plant from insect attack and make it less vulnerable. However, they are also present in the cup, producing a coffee much more bitter and with less pleasant notes than those of Arabica. Although it is true that there are also robust origin coffees, at Tita Coffee we do not work with them.

Tita Coffee’s coffee:

At Tita Coffee we focus on varieties of the Arabica species in order to highlight the most pleasant notes of our coffees. Two are the main varieties of the Arabica species, the Typica variety and the Bourbon. In addition, we work with single origin coffees, “single origin”. This means that in each bag of Tita Coffee we only have coffees from a single farm or region.

The Typica variety produces sweet coffees, with a more marked acidity and therefore floral and fruity notes. On the other hand, the Bourbon variety, sweet, and with a more controlled acidity, will offer us notes of chocolate, nuts and others.

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